We help you become a one-stop resource for meeting your clients’ needs

Protection Portfolio Planning is a specialty and, because of the intricacies involved, many Property & Casualty Brokers, Health Benefits Brokers and Financial Advisors choose not to offer the service to their clients. Licensed in multiple states, 3P Insurance Services focuses on bringing expert Protection Portfolio Planning to your clients, while you focus your time and energy on your core business.

What we do for our partners

By enabling you to offer additional lines of business, we can help you keep your clients in-house through continuity of planning:

Prevent competitors from chipping away at the foundation you’ve set

Create new revenue streams to help increase your bottom line

Add even more value to your relationships with your clients

Increase touches to your existing client base through targeted marketing

What we do for your clients

Protection Portfolio Planning can be confusing and overwhelming for your clients. 3P Insurance Services explains their options in plain English so they understand what we recommend and why we recommend it:

Establish a course of action based on your clients’ specific short- and long-term goals

Help protect your clients’ wealth, lifestyle and everything they have worked so hard to build

Serve as a trusted point of contact throughout the entire Protection Portfolio Planning process

Conduct comprehensive fact finders and current policy reviews at no charge

Provide free access to a separate web site with educational resources for your clients, including:

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