Get to know the people behind 3P Insurance Services

Ross Karp, CLTC, Founder/President

Ross is a licensed Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance broker, starting in the industry in 2005. Focused on more than policies and procedures, he believes in the human aspect of the industry to help protect people, their wealth, their families and their lifestyles.

Ross started 3P Insurance Services in 2011. Prior to that, he spent two years heading up the Life Insurance division for a New York City based Group Benefits and Property and Casualty firm. His previous experience also includes working as an agent at Guardian Life Insurance Company and New York Life Insurance Company.

Before entering the insurance industry, Ross was a high school history, psychology and economics teacher. It is because of his extensive classroom training that Ross knows how to make complicated concepts easy to understand. He was also a professional DJ for 10 years.

One of the founders of My Networking Group, Ross has built a strong and solid professional network across a variety of industries.

Ross lives in New York City, enjoys cooking and is an avid sports fan.

Elayne Karp Marketing Director/Partner

With over 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Elayne is a strategically minded creative specializing in customer relationship management. She delivers successful acquisition, retention, cross-sell and winback efforts across digital, print and broadcast channels.

Focusing her career at small and mid-size New York City based agencies, she has worked for well-respected clients in the financial services industry, including insurance, banking and credit cards. Her other account experience includes membership organizations, telecommunications, consumer goods and travel.

She believes in the power of words to bring about changes in people’s attitudes and behaviors. She dives deep into projects, making sure she understands the business challenges and opportunities, to create marketing communications that drive results.

Elayne is a native New Yorker who is inspired by the energy and creativity of the city. She is in charge of cleaning up after Ross cooks.

Robert Remin New Business Development

Robert has an uncanny ability for connecting people and forming productive business relationships, and that makes him ideally suited for new business development. When a deal makes sense, he works to make it happen in a way that ensures all parties involved are satisfied.

With a decades-long background in real estate, his specialty has been in helping people who can’t go through the traditional bank route find alternate sources for financing. He spent over 20 years successfully running a multi-million dollar private retail family business.

He is the co-founder of My Networking Group, an organization dedicated to helping professionals actively grow their business through one-to-one connections.

When he is not working, Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, fishing and watching classic movies.

Specializing in Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance